• 10 things You Didn’t know About Dogs ?

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    10 things You Didn’t know About Dogs ? My dog doesn’t need a walk in the park, because he runs around the garden all day.

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    Is this the truth or just a myth ? In fact all dogs need stimulation, and being out in the park with new dogs, smells and excitement is good for him. Just being in the garden on his own mooching around can make him more anxious and wound up at the end of the day.

    Here are 10 powerful myths about dog behaviour:

    Certain dog breeds are more aggressive than others
    Myth. While larger breeds can be more dangerous if they’re aggressive, any breed can show aggression toward other dogs or humans. It isn’t the breed that’s the cause, but rather the way the dog is brought up and treated by humans.

    My dog runs in the yard all day, he doesn’t need a walk
    Myth. The importance of the walk is that it imitates the way a dog pack works together — by migrating through their territory toward a goal, which is usually food and water.

    When your dog runs around in the yard, he may be burning off energy, but it’s unfocused. The end result is that he may actually have more anxious or nervous energy after playing in the yard all day.

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    1. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks
      Myth. This old adage has some truth to it when used to refer to humans, who can become very set in their ways with age, but dogs aren’t like that. A dog is ready to learn new tricks at any age, and teaching your old dog new tricks is a great way to help keep her mind sharp. Teaching a dog tricks at any age is perfect for giving them discipline.

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