• Cat And Pig Fight

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    Cat and pig fight, you can’t imagine how cute these pets are chasing each other. This pig is quick and agile and gives the cat a great workout. who would have thought cats and pigs could be such great play mates ?

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    Article sourced: huffingtonpost.com

    Franklin and Floyd may seem like an odd pair, because really, when was the last time you imagined a cat and pig playing with each other?

    Thanks to the filmography of YouTube user ChicagoBodyWork and the gif-making ability of Redditor Melodic_692, this wonderful GIF shows the two playing and chasing one another around a living room in the way only best friends do.

    A photo last week of a sleeping mini pig made the rounds on the Internet. But mini pigs unfortunately don’t stay mini for very long and the current craze may lead to thousands of these animals being dropped off at shelters after they outgrow their homes, the Best Friends Animal Society warns.

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