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    Dalmations 101 The USA Best Breed. Dalmations are one of the most common house dogs in the US! What made them so famous? The 1959 Disney film, 101 Dalmations!

    Dalmations are gorgeous dogs with a bright and cheery personality! ~Like!~

    Interested in the history of the Dalmatian dog breed?

    Article Source and credit: Copyright © 1998, 2005 by Barron’s Educational Series, Inc. based on
    ENCYCLOPEDIA OF DOG BREEDS by D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D.

    The spotted Dalmatian is the most distinctly patterned breed of any dog, but the origin of his coat pattern is unknown. In fact, although art evidence points to an ancient origin, the time and place of the breed’s birth is also unknown. He gets his name from Dalmatia, a region in western Yugoslavia, but probably did not originate there. Their ancestors may have included a small version of the spotted Great Dane or pointers, though this, too, is conjectural. Even the breed’s original function is unclear, but that is more likely because of his use in so many roles rather than any lack of employment. These roles included war dog, sentinel, shepherd, draft dog, ratter, retriever, bird dog, trailer and even circus dog. It was as a coach dog in Victorian England, however, that the Dalmatian found his niche. The coach dog served both a practical and aesthetic role; he protected the horses from marauding dogs and added a touch of style to the procession. The dogs would trot alongside, in front or beneath the axle (considered the most elegant position) of the coach; interestingly, some evidence exists that coaching position may have a hereditary component. With the advent of the automobile, the Dalmatian lost his place in high society, and his popularity declined. He continued as a coach dog for horse-drawn fire engines, and this association led to his adoption as the modern ‘fire dog’. His flashy coloration has always ensured that he has been popular as a pet and show dog; however, his feature in popular children’s movies has catapulted the breed to one of the most popular breeds in America in the years following the movie releases.

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