• Dog FLU Can You Catch It ?

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    Dog FLU Can You Catch It ? Well….. No is the answer to that, but other animals can be effected. It is advised that you get your pets vaccinated yearly to help prevent them from catching it. Keeping up with your pets inoculations may seem expensive, but compared to the cost of the vets bill if your pet becomes poorly it really is not very much at all, and can save an awful lot of stress and heartache. Read on to discover more in this great article by By Nicole Pajer

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    Flu season has arrived—for humans and for dogs. As people march into medical centers to nab their annual vaccination, veterinarians across the country are recommending that dog owners consider a similar immunization for their four-legged companions.

    The canine flu (H3N8) aka “the dog flu” is a contagious respiratory infection that was first discovered in 2004 when the virus jumped from horses and began affecting several breeds of racing dogs. Since then, 38 states have reported infected dogs, but, according to Dr. Edward J. Dubovi, Director of Virology at Cornell’s Animal Health Diagnostic Center, outbreaks tend to be sporadic and then dwindle down.

    With that being said, the canine influenza appears to be on the rise this holiday season, particularly in areas of New York, Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. Fortunately, experts say that most cases are generally mild, can be treated if caught in time, and are preventative.

    Here is some more information on the virus and how you can keep your dog healthy this holiday season

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