• Dwarfism Poodle Shocking Truth

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    Dwarfism Poodle Shocking Truth. Dwarfism Poodle is Tiniest In The World.
    They called her Hope and she’s 4 months old. Weighing in at 31 grams at birth she is now over 4 months old weighing 11 ounces. Not expecting her to live her family are still in shock to see her battling to grow up.

    The world record is a tiny 2 lbs. The local vet says she will be lucky to hit 13 ounces;-) She is born with dwarfisim and usualy they do not survive past 48 hours.. but she’s a fighter when you look at her today 😉 Enjoy this heartwarming video.

    Youtube:Rodney Mclean  Smallest Dog in the world……


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