• Paris Hilton’s Luxury Dog Mansion !!!

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    Paris Hilton’s Luxury Dog Mansion !!!, find out how the most

    special, spoilt, gorgeous pooches in Paris Hilton’s life spend their




    Article Source: treehuger.com

    It’s one thing to live in a $325,000 McMansion yourself–but to build one just for your pets demonstrates a brand new level of excess. A  brand new level excess that perhaps can only be reached by Paris Hilton. See, Hilton built this two-story, air-conditioned, designer furniture-decorated, heated, and black crystal chandelier-boasting miniature mansion for her dogs. Yes, Paris Hilton’s dogs live in a more expensive, decadent, and consumptive house than millions of Americans do. More pics after the jump.

    Paris’s pinkified pet playhouse has two floors. Downstairs there is a living room and upstairs there is a bedroom and a closet to stash the many outfits she has purchased  for her small pets. Hilton’s dogs, which bear names like Tinkerbell, Marilyn Monroe, Prince Baby Bear, Harajuku, Dolce and Prada, will feel right at home because the mini-mansion, outfitted by interior decorator Faye Resnick was designed to resemble Hilton’s own home in all its pink majesty and includes miniature Philippe Starck furniture, heat, air conditioning and even a black crystal chandelier and black ceiling moldings.












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