• Puppies Meet Head Butting Pigmy/Ouch !!!

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    By Sam Savage
    Puppies Meet Head Butting Pigmy/Ouch !!! Pipsqueak is introduced to her new family of eight week old pups, she greets them the only way she knows how, head butting, they look surprised as they try to understand what has just happened, some of them scatter and squeeze under the sideboard, peeking out to watch the action !
     Pipsqueak realises that head butting is not winning their affection so she decides to jump and spin in the air. Her little hooves making clonking sounds as she leaps about, sometimes falling and crashing to the floor. With all this noise you would think the pups would stay awake, but slowly they return to the pile of soft teddies in the middle of the room and cuddle up to sleep. Ahhhh heartwarming cuteness.

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