• Reiki The Natural Way For Pet Health

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    Reiki The Natural Way For Pet Health.

    Intro by Sam Savage Reiki Master

    Reiki is a form of natural healing. Using energy from the universe and channelling it through the practitioner and onto the receiver/person. Reiki, as with all methods of healing, spiritual, Deeksha or any other form can take place with hands on the client and or hands off. One of the great things about healing when the practitioner is working with energy, she/he is able to practice at a distance, i.e from the animal or person. ┬áSo it does not matter if the animal or person were to be on the other side of the room or they may even be in a different town or country. Reiki healing will never do any harm. It is not possible for an animal or person to ‘have to much’ healing. Each person/animal will receive what is right for them.

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    Benefits Of Reiki For Pets

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