• Springing Beach Pugs

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    Springing Beach Pugs, did you know that these mighty pugs love to exercise, jump and jog, they may be small but they are very mighty and easily adapt to a challenge.

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    Article by Stephan Vernier

    Here are some articles from happy pug owners, who have been surprised how athletic their little darlings are …

    You know, I’ve been looking around the net to see what people say about jogging with pugs – ’cause our Babette (1 year and 4 months old) seems to love it. I was worried about her health – potential hip problems, overheating, etc., but I guess it’s a question of the dog. I wonder if people aren’t projecting fragility onto their animals…? Anyway, it was nice to hear of at least one other pug who can handle a little run. Maybe we’ll have to cool it a little if it ever gets warm here (Denmark) or we get up to any real distance running. But so far, she’s always in front!

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