• Tarra The Elephant And Bella, Heartbreak Separation

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    Tarra The Elephant And Bella, Heartbreak Separation. When Tarra was approached by a stray dog several years ago whilst she was in her 100 acre compound, they became best friends and were inseparable. When Bella became poorly the owners at HQ arranged to bring her inside to help her recover.

    It was then with all those acres of land to wonder around on that Tarra decided to wait at the gates of head office for her best friend. Several days passed without Bella recovering, until at last she was well enough to be reunited again. Sadly it was several weeks later the body of Bella was found, the keepers were convinced she had not died right outside of the HQ office, but had been carried there. Did Tarra carry her to be discovered ? Enjoy this true emotion story. Happycrazypets.com


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