• Tattoos, Pitbull’s and Discrimination ?!

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    Tattoos, Pitbull’s and Discrimination ?!

    Article source: Viralnova.com By Laura Caseley

    Birmingham, Alabama-based photographer Brian Batista began a project in 2012 called Tattoos & Rescues. The photo series had fairly standard subjects–people and their dogs–but with a twist. The people Batista photographed are all tattooed, some more heavily than others, and their dogs are all rescues. Many of the dogs featured in the series are pit bulls, which face extermination by people who think they are inherently ferocious dogs. Pit bulls are often used in illegal dog fighting rings where they are injured, abused, and killed.

    These photographs are a testament to the dangers of stereotyping humans and dogs alike. They show that no matter what’s on the outside, the potential for love, joy, and warmth are always present.

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