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    Two headed bearded dragon was a complete surprise to Tony Rowe of Montgomery, he thought he had twins. When he checked back on the egg and saw nothing had progressed, he removed a piece of eggshell that was caught between the two heads and that’s when he discovered he was hatching a two-headed bearded dragon. He couldn’t believe his eyes when this little dragon was born, believed to be extremely rare. Called Paris and Nicole they have six legs between them and are growing and living a normal life. Enjoy this short video:

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    There is a one-in-25 million chance that a two-headed lizard will survive if born, Rowe said If he hadn’t noticed, it wouldn’t have survived,” he continued “If someone unfamiliar with bearded dragons had treated it as a normal hatching it would have died.

    Paris and Nicole were born Feb. 21, 2005 and weighed two grams when born. They now weigh 30 grams, Rowe said.

    The reason a two-headed lizard is so rare is many can’t survive the lack of space in the egg and, during hatching, the eggshell can become an obstacle, Rowe said. Also, feeding a two-headed lizard can be difficult because a person must make sure the two heads don’t choke each other while swallowing, he said. Drowning is also a common death for two-headed animals when one wants to go into the water and the other one isn’t aware of it, he said.

    Two heads on one body occurs when there is a tiny tear in the zygote, or fertilized egg. A larger tear would result in Siamese twins. A complete tear would create twins.

    Two headed bearded dragon



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