• What Happens When Your Dog is Neutered ?

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    Neutering Your Male Dog –
    Pros and Cons

    Article Source:  Michele Welton

    Have you been told that neutering is a must for your male dog? Absolutely necessary? All positives….no negatives? Also that neutering should be done as early as possible, certainly by 6 months old?

    It sounds so definitive.

    However, when one really looks at the current research on neutering, those studies and statistics show that the issue is not so simple. There are a number of risks associated with neutering your dog that pet owners are not being told about.

    First, let’s look at the positives – the pros, pluses, and advantages – of neutering your male dog

    happy symbolNeutering may mean lower licensing fees. In many communities, license fees are lower for neutered dogs.

    happy symbolNeutering reduces leg-lifting. Un neutered males, driven by testosterone, tend to lift their leg everywhere to mark their territory. The higher their urine is sprayed, the more “impressive” they appear to other dogs. Dogs who are obsessed with marking territory will tow you toward every tree and telephone pole. Some dogs will even mark inside your house.

    Now, neutering isn’t a cure-all for marking. Many dogs, even when neutered, will continue to lift their leg. Testosterone, you see, is also produced elsewhere in the body, not only in the testicles. So a neutered dog may still lift his leg, but his obsessiveness usually diminishes. A dominant, bossy attitude also causes a dog to mark his territory, and this will need to be addressed through.

    Neutering reduces the risk of your dog being attacked by other males. Even if your dog isn’t aggressive himself, being unneutered makes him more of a target for other unneutered males who might see him as a potential rival.

    happy symbolNeutering helps re-focus your dog’s attention from other dogs to YOU. Unneutered males often pay too much attention to other dogs, as they are always on the lookout for potential mates and rivals. Neutering can break your dog’s over-focus on other dogs, while Respect Training will teach him to re-focus on YOU.

    happy symbolNeutering reduces sexual behaviours. Un neutered males are more likely to lick their genitals excessively. They may hump other dogs, pillows, stuffed animals, and sometimes people’s legs or ankles. These behaviours can also stem from over-excitement, lack of exercise, and the dog not being taught that these behaviours are unacceptable. But neutering helps, too.

    happy symbolNeutering calms your dog around un spayed females. Un neutered males often treat every female as a potential breeding partner, climbing all over her and embarrassing everyone. And when a female is in heat, an un neutered male becomes extremely agitated – whining, drooling, pacing, sometimes escaping their house or yard. Females in heat give off chemical pheromones that can be scented from a mile away. Your un neutered male may feel compelled to find her and end up lost or hit by a car. Neutering puts an end to all that.

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